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Subject: Cleaning of the Yamuna..& Ganga river ..... " PUSHPANJALI PRAWAHA KALASH "

 " Swachh Bharat Abhiyan "

Youth Fraternity Foundation (Regd.)
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Depletion and degradation of public resources like water by one person shall impact quality and quantity of goods left for others and future generations. 

To make the nation green, let the rivers flow clean!
To provide a clean, pure and green environment to the people of India with inclusive growth and sustainable development.
v  To clean up the sacred rivers and other water bodies and restore their original glory.
v  To provide employment to vulnerable and disadvantaged sections of society.
v  To protect and improve the natural environment including lakes, rivers etc.
v  To sensitize the people of our country to preserve our dying sacred rivers and water-bodies.

Everyday, 42,000 kg flowers enter Delhi, which means 12 lac 60 thousand kg in a month and 1.51 lac 20 thousand in a year. Besides that, an equal amount of pooja materials such as derelict idols and images of Gods and Goddess, chunni, agarbatti and dhoop packets, coconut shells, etc..But there is no account where do these flowers and other materials end up. More often than not, these ceremonial flowers and pooja samagries find their way into rivers. Clandestinely or brazenly people dispose of these flowers and other pooja materials into the rivers. This is one of the sources of polluting and choking Yamuna and other rivers. A pertinent question arises: 

• What happens to these flowers, after they get dried next day or in a few days?
• Why do people throw these flowers into the rivers?

It is obvious that this pooja material is put in a polybag and disposed of into the sacred rivers. Secondly, people's belief, according to Hindu mythology, is that ceremonial flowers should be disposed of into the sacred river. Therefore, efforts for preventing people doing the same have not achieved the desired results so far. It is a matter of faith and needs sensitive handling. It is true flowers in themselves do not pollute the rivers but the polybags choke the river and restrict the flow of water. Therefore, we have devised a plan to recycle these materials without offending the religious beliefs and practices of the people
The recycling of these materials will provide employment to lakhs of people without offending their religious sentiments. 
GOPI DUTT AAKASH [ President ]

 समय को चुप्पी लगी है
सत्य भी ध्यानस्थ हो
दर्ज करता जा रहा है उसे
पर्दा उठेगा
एक दिन समय बोलेगा
सब सुनेंगे
सत्य देखेंगे
सच बोलेंगे ||

 हमे आत्मचिंतन की आवश्यकता है हमे इस सोच की गहराई तक जाना होगा ,हमे चेतना लानी ही होगी नही तो कोई ऐसी लहर जो हमे रौंदकर चली जायेगी जिससे हमारे विश्वास पर संकट उत्तपन्न हो जाएगा और हम सोचते रह जायेंगे की हमे कभी क्यों नही विचार किया ? क्या परास्त होना हमारी संस्कृति बन चुकी है या नियति ?

                                Youth Fraternity Foundation (Regd.)

 Hon'ble  Sir, Madam

 Subject: Cleaning of the Yamuna..& Ganga  river ..... " PUSHPANJALI PRAWAHA KALASH " 

Esteemed Sir,
I would like to bring to your kind notice that the pollution of rivers in India is a major cause of concern. Indian water-bodies get polluted due to various reasons. The chief cause of this pollution is the dumping of garbage which is produced by religious rituals in the form of garlands, statue figures of deities, paper, plastic, coconut husks, etc. This is also affecting the size of the river.
Our NGO Youth Fraternity Foundation (YFF) has been working for the cause of cleaning of water-bodies for the last ten years in various parts of India. In order to reduce the pollution of rivers, YFF has formulated a project ‘Pushpanjali Parwaha Kalash’ which consists of (a) to collect flowers and other worship- material from temples, worship-shops, colonies; and, (b) to dump this material in a specific area from where it is sorted out in different piles like paper, flowers, plastic, coconut husks, etc. The biodegradable waste is turned into compost and the rest is recycled.
With your support and cooperation, we would like to start two pilot projects in Delhi and Varanasi for cleaning of the rivers. This will also generate income and employment for approx. 80,000 people all over India.
  We have solution.
Kindly give us an opportunity.

Yours faithfully, 
Gopi Dutt Aakash
President :. YFFINDIA
Youth Fraternity Fondation( Regd .)
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Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi-110011.
7, Race Course Road , New Delhi - 110011
Sushri Uma Bharati , Minister of Water Resources, Room No 213, Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg,
New Delhi-110001
Shri Prakash Javadekar, Ministers of State (IC) of Environment and Forests ,  Information and Broadcasting,
Room No : 560, Shastri Bhawan,
New Delhi-110001